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Tattooing became a pursuit in my life in 2002. Given an apprenticeship at Thunderstruck Tattoo, I developed a strong passion for this art. Eventually, I moved onto work for Mario Barth at his Starlight Tattoo studios throughout New Jersey. During my career in tattooing, I had the honor to receive many awards and sponsorships. I became the first sponsored tattoo artist in the U.S.A. with the most advanced tattoo machine company in the world, Cheyenne in 2008. In 2011, I opened Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery. I wanted the world to be able to see art in all of its forms and this was the gallery’s manifesto. A place where art appreciators have showcased the art of tattoo and tattoo enthusiasts are immersed in wall art. The mission was an understanding that art can be created in any media given the creator’s passion fueling the process. This mission has thankfully brought me around the world and made me into an international artist.

I continue to pursue art and all of its forms. My style tends to vary as I find pleasure in exploring images no matter the genre, although I find comfort in creative realism. Creative realism is utilizing the mind to create images that appear lifelike. This takes many forms, fantasy, illustration, surrealism, biomechanics, etc. The latest direction within my creative realism is what I like to call bio-morphic. A style I have been developing for over 10 years, Bio-morphic is taking a subject, it can be an object, an idea, or even a feeling, and allowing that to morph into the body, another subject, or just a freeform. With this approach, I am able to explore an endless array of fields. Clients that allow me the freedom to create a bio-morph that represents their energy are not only what I strive to achieve, they are the ones that I revere with high regard.

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* Please include the sentiment (the meaning and reason why you want the tattoo) of your idea.
* The subject matter (what the tattoo is)
* If you are open to artistic interpretation (if you would like me to just create without input for instance)
* placement (area of the body you would like the tattoo with photos so I know what I am working with)
* Detail level (simple, medium detail, realistic, etc.)
* budget if any
* color or grayscale or mixed
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