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Ling Jin

Company: CJ Tattoo Studio
Website: Website
Instagram: Instagram
As a child who wasn't very interested in studying, my only passion was art, so I went to art school. I have attended art school ever since early childhood. I started from graphite to watercolor, comic and illustration, then finally I was deeply drawn to tattooing. To me, tattooing is a way for people to validate themselves through art. When somebody gets a tattoo, that tattoo then becomes a memory that forever stands still. It represents the emotions and appreciations of that person at that particular time. Or, it's used to cover up another memory. It's a physical embodiment of their memory. The job of a tattoo artist may seem simple, but it's a strong responsibility, like a challenge that doesn't allow mistakes. These are some of the reasons that I love being a tattoo artist. I enjoy doing clean line work, tattoos with a strong visual effect, black and gray portraits, old school and new school. Of course, I want to try all sorts of other styles. But of course, my goal is to tattoo my original artwork.