Mark Mahoney

Company: Shamrock Tattoo Social Club
Mark Mahoney, one of the most iconic tattoo artists of our time, is the proprietor and premier artist of the Shamrock Social Club, located in the heart of Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard.

His career spans three decades, during which he has been a major influence in each wave of change that tattoo culture has experienced in mainstream America. Mark was there during the underground punk scene of the 70s, during the black and gray movement of East L.A. in the 80s, and now during the mainstream popularity of tattoo art in the Hollywood scene.

Mark’s shop has always carried a theme: “Where the Elite and the Underworld Meet.” Each of Mark’s designs are commissioned art pieces demonstrating the warrior mentality that Mark himself has known and experienced.

From his teenage years in the streets of Boston to his work as a tattoo artist in the heart of L.A., Mark brings a world of experience into each and every facet of the artwork he creates, and it can be seen in the precision, design, and detail he adds to the craft.