Nick Gallone

Company: Ink Gallery
Instagram: Instagram
Tattoo artist Nicholas Gallone was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey.

"Growing up in the 90s I was raised by comics, TV, and video games. I fell in love with the art, I thought the colors made everything! I was convinced at a young age I'll be the next big cartoonist, become the next person to create a legendary character or a whole new world. That was until I stepped into a tattoo shop, I looked at the walls, I heard all the machines, I saw a whole new style of art and wanted in. In 2015 after years of searching I was given the opportunity to apprentice at Ink Gallery in Woodland Park, New Jersey. With hard work and dedication to the shop I completed my apprenticeship in June 2017. Now I'm a full time tattoo artist at Ink Gallery just trying to bring color to a black and grey world."

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