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Save my ink forever is the only service offering post-death tattoo art preservation.  As career morticians, the Sherwoods understand that every aspect of finalizing funeral services should be seamless, professional, and as painless as possible for the family. That’s why Save My Ink Forever has streamlined the process of fulfilling tattoo preservation requests to a few simple steps.



First, families or funeral directors will notify Save My Ink Forever of the family’s wishes. The next of kin will complete an authorization form that gives the funeral home permission to excise tissue for the purpose of preparation. Their signature releases the company and the funeral home from liability.


Tattoo Removal


Next, Save My Ink Forever will send the funeral home a removal kit. If the tattoo is fairly large or if there are multiple excisions, he or a member of his team can travel to the site to personally monitor the excision.




Lastly, the kit will include instructions for packaging and shipping the excised skin to Save My Ink Forever. The company covers all shipping costs. The cost the family pays for removal and preservation depends on the size of the tattoo(s).


From there, Save My Ink Forever takes over, preserving the tattoo using their unique proprietary formula. When preservation is complete, an on-staff artist selects a frame that complements the tattoo art unless the family has selected a particular frame option. All framing materials are archival quality to best preserve the tattoo for the long term.


The entire preservation process takes three to four months to complete from start to finish.


Post-death tattoo art preservation frame

Almost the entire body of a tattoo artist to be preserved

The tattoos that covered nearly all of a Saskatoon man’s body are being preserved and framed by a U.S. company.


“He used to always say, you know, tattoo ‘til death,” Chris Wenzel’s widow, Cheryl Wenzel, told CTV Saskatoon. “And I think he really took it to a different context!”